How high is the Eiffel Tower?

eiffeltorenThe height of the Eiffel tower with antenna is 324 meter, without it the Eiffel tower is 317 meter high. The exact length changes be course the shrinking of the metal structure at low temperature. But still the Eiffel tower is still the highest tower of  Europe!

The Eiffel tower in Paris, France was build in 1889 for the World Expo. At first they wanted to demolish it when the Expo was over but thanks to the great radio reception the Eiffel tower still stands in Paris today!

The colossal landmark was designed by Gustav Eiffel, and was the heigest building in the world until 1938. there are 3 floors that are reachable by elevator, or for the sporty types amongst us, by stairs.


Other facts about the Eiffel tower:

Location: Paris, France
Date finishend: 31 maart 1889
Length build: 2 jaar en 2 maanden en 5 dagen.
Number of parts: 18038 parts and over 2.500.000 nails
How heavy is the metal structure? 7300 ton
What is the total weight of the Eiffel tower? 10100 ton
How tall is the Eiffel tower with antenna? 324 meter
How tall is the Eiffel tower without antenna? 317 meter
Visitors: Over 6 million yearly

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