How high is the Eiffel Tower?

eiffeltorenThe height of the Eiffel tower with antenna is 324 meter, without it the Eiffel tower is 317 meter high. The exact length changes be course the shrinking of the metal structure at low temperature. But still the Eiffel tower is still the highest tower of  Europe!

The Eiffel tower in Paris, France was build in 1889 for the World Expo. At first they wanted to demolish it when the Expo was over but thanks to the great radio reception the Eiffel tower still stands in Paris today!

The colossal landmark was designed by Gustav Eiffel, and was the heigest building in the world until 1938. there are 3 floors that are reachable by elevator, or for the sporty types amongst us, by stairs.


Other facts about the Eiffel tower:

Location: Paris, France
Date finishend: 31 maart 1889
Length build: 2 jaar en 2 maanden en 5 dagen.
Number of parts: 18038 parts and over 2.500.000 nails
How heavy is the metal structure? 7300 ton
What is the total weight of the Eiffel tower? 10100 ton
How tall is the Eiffel tower with antenna? 324 meter
How tall is the Eiffel tower without antenna? 317 meter
Visitors: Over 6 million yearly

How high is Taipei 101?

The height of Taipei 101 is 508 metres. That made it the highest building in the world when it was opened, now it still stands as number 2 after the Burj Khalifa (Dubai).

Other facts about Taipei 101:

Location Taipei, Taiwan
Start build: 1998
Opened: 2004
Use: cummunication, confrence-, fitnesss center, libery, observation, office, mall, restaurant
Floors: 101
Ground surface: 412.500 m²
Cost price: €2 miljard
Architect: C.Y. Lee & Partners

How high is the Sears tower?

The Height of the Sears tower (these days better known as “the Willis tower”) in Chicago is 527 meters, At the time of the build is was the highest building in the world.

Other facts about the Sears (Willis) tower

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Start build: 1970
Opening: 1974
Height: 527 Number of stories: 110
Ground surface: 416.000 m²
Cost to build: $ 186.000.000
Architect: Skidmore, Owings and Merrill

How high is the Burj Khalifa?

The height of the Burj Khalifa (when it was build it was called Burj Dubai and still most people call it like that) is 828 metres. That makes it by far the highest building in the world, it’s a whopping 300 metres higher than number 2 Taipei 101 (508m),in Taiwan.

More facts about the Burj Khalifa:

Location: Dubai, VAE
Start build: 21 september 2004
Date opened: 4 januari 2010
Main use: Living, office, hotel, mall etc.
Floors: 162
Ground surface: 517.240 m²
Costing price: US$ 1,5 miljard
Architect: Skidmore, Owings & Merril

How high are the Petronas Towers?

The height of the Petronas Twin Towers is 452 metres (for both towers), without antenna’s they are 378 metres high. At the moment they were build and opened they where the highest office buildings in the world. Now after Taipei 101 ,508m, and Burj dubai (Burj Khalifa), 828m. But still they are the highest twin towers in the world!

More facts about the Petronas Twin Towers:

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Maleisia
Start build: 1992
Opened in 1998
Main use: Office building
Floors: 88
Ground surface: 341.760 m²
Architect: Cesar Pelli & Associates Architects

How high is the Martinitoren?

De hoogte van Martinitoren is 96,8 meter en daarmee is het de hoogste kerk-toren in Groningen

Andere informatie over de Martinitoren:

Plaats: Grote markt, Groningen
Gebouwd: tussen 1469 en 1482
Materiaal: Bentheimer zandsteen

How high is the Tower of Pisa?

De hoogte van de Toren van Pisa is 55,85 meter.

Andere feiten over de Toren van Pisa:

Begonnen met bouw: 1173
Plaats: Pisa, Italie
Coördinaten: 43°43′24″N 10°23′39″E
Geschat gewicht: 14 453 ton.
Huidige helling: 10%.
Aantal treden: 297 treden.

How high is the Matterhorn?

De top van de Matterhorn ligt op 4478 meter hoogte.

Andere feiten over de Matterhorn:

Coördinaten: 45°58′N 7°39′O
Ligging: Zwitserland/Italië
Gebergte: Walliser Alpen, Alpen
Eerste beklimming: 14 juli 1865 door Edward Whymper

How high is the Mont Ventoux?

De top van de Mont Ventoux ligt op 1912 meter boven zeeniveau.

Andere feiten over de Mont Ventoux:

Coördinaten: 44°10′N 5°16′E
Locatie: Provence, Frankrijk

How high is the Mont Blanc?

De top van de Mont Blanc ligt op 4808 meter boven zeeniveau. en is daarmee West-Europa’s hoogste berg.

Andere feiten over de Mont Blanc:

Coördinaten: 45°49′N 6°51′O
Ligging: Frankrijk/Italië
Gebergte: Alpen (Mont Blancmassief)
Eerste beklimmin: 8 augustus 1786 door Jacques Balmat en Michael-Gabriel Paccard